We have the ability to respond to our customers’ inquiries throughout the week and 24 hours a day

Choose what suits you best from elegantly designed air conditioners that provide you with the best cooling in a quick time.



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Company and speakers in the field of air conditioning systems. Clips from videos in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Adaptation brands

Career adaptation

In Carrier air conditioning, you can automatically control the change of air direction from top to bottom and from right to left.

Sharp adaptation

Features of Sharp air conditioning 5 HP cold and hot Automatic operation feature: This feature works on automatic operation of the air conditioner without interference from anyone, and this is when the electricity is cut off, so the device automatically operates for itself

LG air adaptation

Fast cooling air conditioner with smart start function, equipped with gold fin technology and dual sensor. Convertible Ultra Cooling Air Conditioning, Nano UV Technology.

Fresh adaptation

Fresh air conditioners are highly tested and provided to the customer, and a highly efficient product is taken care of

Media adaptation

Filters manufactured with modern technology · Intelligent air distribution · Freon leak detection · Preventing ice in the indoor unit

Tornado air adaptation

Saving electricity consumption ، Manufacture technology ،The price of economical conditioning ، Plasmacluster feature ، Turbo feature



We have a specialized team ready to provide the technical support that the customer needs, providing him with the answer.

Speed in meeting urgent work requirements such as installation and maintenance work in record time

We have our own technical workshop in which we do all maintenance and other works that cannot be done on the job site

We have the latest equipment and devices that help to get the job done quickly and with superior quality

Our company includes qualified administrative cadres with deep expertise and experience that include everything related to management and sound leadership to move forward towards leadership in all our business.

We have the ability to respond to our customers’ inquiries throughout the week and 24 hours a day


Our previous projects

Implementation of replacement, renewal and maintenance of central air conditioning in Abu Rudeis hospitals in Sinai
Carrying out periodic maintenance work for the National Center for Women
Carrying out periodic maintenance work for Tajan Al-Azhar institutes

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